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The Certified Adaptive App allows for a Turn Key Ordering Process. With access to 3D Scanning, Fillable Order Forms, and our Camera Feature, ATP's can now upload and send all ordering information simultaneously through the app. The Certified Adaptive App can be found in the App store and downloaded free of charge. Please see the attached "Download Instructions" for a thorough step by step guide to downloading our App.

Camera Feature
App Camera Feature

The Certified Adaptive App highlights a Camera Feature, which allows ATP's to take necessary client / mold pictures, then draw and annotate desired instructions directly on the pictures. Once the scan is captured, order form completed, and necessary pictures taken, simply submit simultaneously through the App.

Send Order Form, Scan, and Pictures Simultaneously through the App
App - Send Order Form and Scan Simultaneously
  • Submit Order Forms, Scans, and Necessary Pictures simultaneously though the App
  • Use the Camera Feature to capture Client/ Mold pictures
  • Make, draw, and annotate pictures using Picture Editing Feature
  • Access to Z-Axis, ZSS, and ZSO Fillable PDF Order Forms
  • Capture and upload scan inside the App
  • Download free of charge

Scanning Technology

The Structure Sensor and the 3D Sense Scanner are the preeminent mobile scanning solution. Scanning is as easy as "point and click" without concern of overlaps or directional placement. Simply digitize your molding bag or plaster negatives, while obtaining the most accurate capture of a mold available on the market today. After the scan is obtained, the .obj /.stl file can be uploaded through our Certified Adaptive App, or emailed to

Structure Sensor Scanner
Scan - Structure Sensor Scanner
3D Sense Scanner
Scan - 3D Sense Scanner
  • Fast, accurate, and easy to use
  • Scan process takes place in seconds
  • Versatile point and scan range
  • Extracts precise targets from busiest of backgrounds, scanning only the object you want
  • Use Shape Capture Method you're currently employing
  • Upload .obj/ .stl file through our App or email to
Scan - Chair

Highlights of Ordering with Scanning Technology

All of our custom seating systems utilize the Structure Sensor and the 3D Sense Scanner to capture the shape of the mold into an electronic file. The Structure Sensor and 3D Sense Scanner are extremely simple to use and require minimal training, without the need for special seminars or workshops. Training can be accomplished over the phone. The software is included with the scanner, and we do not have any fees for training. Whatever shape capturing system the facility/ATP is already utilizing will work with our scanning method, meaning there is no need to invest in a new molding frame or bags.