Custom Z-Axis Seats and Backs

Combined Package

Pictured: Combined Package

Ultra-Lite System

Pictured: Ultra-Lite System

Z-Axis Custom Seats and Backs are designed and made to accomplish positioning in a total contact fashion. Thus, reducing pointed pressures while aligning all asymmetry with functional range and supporting fixed contractures.

Seats and backs are offered with a wide variety of material options, mounting options, and positioning choices to address individual patient positioning needs. Choices include light weight fabrication options, material selection, various foam densities and materials, air flow options, interface options, growth options, and integration into equipment.

Z-Axis backs and Z-Axis seats are sold separately, but can be integrated into one system.

Mounting choices including the V-Trak system allowing Z-Axis backs to be attached to any wheelchair base. System also allows for fixed mounting, removable mounting, and mounting to custom Z-Axis Cushion system.

Whether there is acute or functional seating issues Certified Adaptive, Inc. has custom options that will fit your clients needs.

Simply mold and capture shape with the Z-Axis Scanner and email or upload your file. Any desired modifications can be selected and achieved through the Z-Axis Technology.

Custom Z-Axis Backs


*shown with seat mount*
Product Code: ZAB-100C
Billing Code: E2617


Custom Swing

Custom Swing Away Laterals

V-Track Original

V-Track Original Mount Option

Seat Tray Mount

Seat Tray Mount

V-Track Lite

V-Track Lite Mount Option

Custom Z-Axis Cushions

Custom Z-Axis Cushions

Product Code:
ZAS-100C (Memory Foam)
ZAS-200C (Hyper-Dri)
Billing Code: E2609

Cushion w/Hyper-Dri

Z-Axis Cushion w/Hyper-Dri

  • Hyper-Dri porous foam allows liquid and air to pass through easily
  • Extremely light weight material
  • Available in three densities
  • Washable and made with antimicrobial additive
Cushion w/Ortho Foam

Z-Axis Cushion w/Ortho Foam

  • Standard polyfoam
  • Extremely light weight material
  • Available in multiple densities
  • Easily adjustable
  • Waterproof options available
Cushion w/Memory Foam

Z-Axis Cushion w/Memory Foam

  • High impact energy absorption, with soft pressure properties
  • Great material for demanding seating situations
  • Uniformly distributes pressure
  • Available in multiple densities
  • Waterproof coatings and covers can be provided
Equa Gel

Equa Gel Insert option provides multi-density immersion properties and pressure reduction.


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Billing Codes

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  • Combined Package
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  • Cover Options
  • Interface Options
  • Adductor/Abductor Options
  • Swing Away/Lateral Options
  • Headrest Options
  • Harness & Belts
  • Custom Arm Trough
  • Custom Tray
  • Footbox
  • Shoe Holders
  • All Options are located on order form
  • E2617 (Back)
  • E2609 (Cushion)