Custom Seating Orthosis (CSO)

Custom Swing

Pictured: CSO 30/40 Custom Orthotic Seating System

Custom Swing

Pictured: CSO 80/90 Custom Orthotic Seating System

The CSO custom orthotic seating systems are designed to control the Thoracic-Lumbar and Sacral Spine, as well as pelvic positioning in the Sagittal, Coronal, and Transverse Planes.

The CSO is essential when managing difficult Tri-Planar Deformity (i.e. Scoliosis, Kyphosis, and Lordosis), and/or managing skeletal asymmetry with hypotonic, or hypertonic tone in the torso and all four extremities.

Positioning is accomplished in a Total Contact Fashion, thus reducing pointed pressures and preserving skin integrity; while aligning all correctable asymmetry with functional range, and/or by accommodating fixed bony deformities/muscle contractures.

CSO's are complete seating systems offered in two styles. The CSO 30/40 style is a complete one piece orthotic style system mounted to desired wheelchair/stroller base. The 30/40 system is constructed as a one piece thermoplastic shell and padded with desired foam linings. The CSO 80/90 is manufactured as a twopiece seat and back which is combined and utilized as a single seating system and mounted to desired wheelchair/stroller base. This split style allows for additional material choices on the 'seat/ cushion' aspect of the system. The CSO 80/90 style also allows the medical professional to order just the custom back and/or custom seat.

After shape capture is obtained, orders for the CSO's can be placed utilizing the Z-Axis scanning technology. Simply scan the molding bags utilized in your practice with the Z-Axis Scanner and email or upload your file through the website. Any desired modifications can be selected and achieved through the Z-Axis Technology. Cast molds are also accepted for the CSO.

Being fully custom systems CSO's are offered with a wide variety of material options, mounting options, and positioning choices to address individual patient positioning needs. Choices include light weight fabrication options, material selection, various foam densities and materials, air flow options, interface options, growth options, and integration into equipment.

The CSO can be utilized in Stroller Bases, Manual Wheelchairs, Tilt-in-Space wheelchairs, and power wheelchairs.


The Custom Seating Orthoses offers a number of options including different models, cover options, material options, seat or back only purchasing, seat/back mounting options, interface options, abductor/adductor options, lateral options, headrest options and more giving the patient a complete seating system that is customized to their wants and needs.

Custom Swing

CSO 80/90 with Ultra-Lite

Custom Swing

CSO 80 Custom Seat/Cushion Only

Custom Swing

CSO 90 Custom Back ONLY

Custom Swing

Custom Swing Away Laterals

Seat Tray Mount

Seat Tray Mount

V-Track Original

V-Track Original Mount Option

V-Track Lite

V-Track Lite Mount Option

Cushion w/Hyper-Dri

Hyper-Dri Cushion Material

Cushion w/Memory Foam

Memory Foam Cushion Material

Cushion w/Ortho Foam

Ortho Foam Cushion Material


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